Operations Performed:


Adenoids are lymphoid ( immune) tissue located in the throat and at the back of the nose.
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What to expect with the procedure

The surgery is performed as a day case under general anaesthesia in a hospital. The procedure takes 15 minutes. Because of its location at the back of the nose, an Adenoidectomy is usually performed through the mouth with retraction of the palate. The adenoid tissue is directly visualised and either cauterized or removed with a curette depending on its size.

After a short period in recovery, your child will be transferred to the paediatric day stay until and observed for 4-6 hours. If there is no evidence of bleeding, he or she will be discharged home.

The recovery from an adenoidectomy is quicker than from an adenotonsillectomy. The risk of bleeding is much, but to minimize the risk further we recommend no strenuous activity or straining for 1 week. Children will normally feel well enough to go back to school after this time. Usually only Panadol is required for pain relief. Some children may experience a smelly nasal discharge for upto 2 weeks due to the cautery. If your child coughs up more than a tablespoon of blood, proceed straight to the WCH emergency department for review. (Post-operative instructions)

I will review your child 6 weeks after the procedure for one final check unless they are having any issues, in which case I will review them earlier