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The septum is the central partition that separates the nasal cavity into two halves.
Deviated septum
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What to expect with the procedure

A septoplasty is a short procedure taking 30-45 minutes. It is performed under general anaesthetic in hospital. The nose is infiltrated with local anaesthetic and a small camouflaged incision is made inside the nostril. The lining of the septum is elevated off the underlying cartilage and bone and the deviated portions are removed whilst preserving the structural supports of the nose. Dissolvable packing and or a splint may be inserted into the nose. As this is purely a functional procedure, the appearance of the nose generally does not change.

After a short period in recovery, you will be transferred to a ward. Here you will be observed for 24 hours before being discharged home. It is not uncommon to have some oozing from the nose and to feel a little obstructed initially. Generally, this procedure is not associated with bruising.

A septoplasty is not typically a painful procedure and usually, only Panadol is required. Stronger pain relief is prescribed if required. Due to the internal swelling from the surgery, it is not unusual to feel congested for the first week after surgery. I recommend you irrigate your nose with FLO sinus irrigation to remove any clots and the dissolvable packing material. Usually, patients require 1-2 weeks off work

I will usually review you 2 weeks after the procedure.