Operations Performed:

Tear Duct Surgery ( DCR)

The tear ducts drain tears from the eye into the nasal cavity. When the duct is blocked or there is improper function of the tear system excessive tearing can occur. This condition is called epiphora. This can also lead to recurrent infections or conjunctivitis

What to expect with the procedure

An endoscopic DCR is done under general anaesthesia in hospital.

Although DCR surgery historically involved an external incision, it can now be done entirely through the nose without any external scars or brusing. Endoscopic DCR surgery creates a new passageway between the tear sac and the nose, bypassing the blockage and allowing tears to drain normally again. The operation usually takes about 1 hour. In some cases a small plastic stent needs to be inserted. This is usually removed 6 weeks after the procedure in the rooms.

After a short period in recovery, you will be observed for 24 hours in the hospital. This is to monitor for any bleeding and to allow pain to be adequately managed. Following breakfast and review by myself in the morning you will be discharged home and supplied with appropriate analgesia.

Typically, there is no bruising associated with the procedure. Most patients do not experience too much pain and usually Panadol is all that is required. As the procedure is performed through the nose there can be some nasal congestion and slight nasal ooze after the procedure lasting 5-7 days. Most patients can return to work after 1 week.

I will usually review you 2 weeks after the procedure.